Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Your Daily Stop!

Check the Play Store often. New LIMITED EDITION eBobbleheads go live and then leave. Download them to your phone and they're yours forever. Wait and you can only get them through the eBobble APP paid library. Make it a daily stop!

e-Bobble FAQs

Welcome to our FAQS page where we’ve included our answers to the questions we hear most often from users. If you don’t find your answer here, please shoot us an email. Use the link at the bottom of this page or shoot over to the Contact Us page.

Q: Can I be an eBobblehead on my Android?
A: YES! Go through our BE A BOBBLE page and upload your face. The image has to be straight on to the camera against a one-color background. (Stand in front of a wall.) Tell us what type of body you'd like and if you want it as male or female. Then we create for you. There is a cost involved. You will see that field on the page before you upload your pic.

Q: Are your new live wallpapers free?
A: YES!! Go to Google Play Store and browse. We have an alien (great for marketing, cuz he can wear your company's logo on his tee shirt). We also have different Bigfoots (Bigfeet??) and a bobble for a client (B.O.S.S.) just for fun and to show you that we can create a logo eBobble live wallpaper for your company. It’s a great marketing tool. Soon (and ongoing) you will find all sorts of clever eBobble LLC live wallpapers. DOWNLOAD THEM ALL. That way you can easily swap them out. They are stored in your application manager on your phone. It’s easy to swap them out.

Q: Will you have other lines of fun eBobbles coming out?
A: ABSOLUTELY!!! Some free and some you’ll have to pay to have, but not much. Hey, a lot goes into the programming behind these fabulous things. (Like a whole lotta math.)

Q: Do you have QR codes and can I share from the Play Store?
A: Yes and YES!! Please share. With our thanks. At the top of the screen of every live wallpaper you will see a share icon. Press it and your text screen on your phone will open. You can add 10 names at a time and then hit SEND. It’s pretty fast.

Q: If I have more than one device, can I have the eBobblehead live wallpaper on all of them?
A: YES! As long as it is an Android device. The eBobblehead will fit the screen of your different devices. Due to apps requirements, our eBobble live wallpapers work best on newer-version Android phones and pads. Soon we will be available for iPhone devices, too. We have different sizes to fit different screens of the various devices. The short answer is yes, our wallpapers work fine on all newer devices. BUT that’s why when we create the custom eBobbleheads for you we require clear images in the right size. (See the specifications on our BE A BOBBLE page.)

Q: Can I replace the head of one eBobble with the head of another? Can I change out backgrounds and bodies?
A: As soon as you download the eBobble LLC app you will be able to choose THREE eBobblehead characters for free from our Gallery. If you upgrade to create your own library, you will be able to swap out as many characters you choose to add to your private library as you wish. That’s a whopping $2.99 to get your own library, and you’ll want to keep loading new eBobbleheads because once a month we take out a number of our characters and replace them with brand new ones. Collect them all or just the ones you love most. Then you can create some on your own.

Q: I downloaded the Creepy Alien “Roswell” to my phone and I show everyone. They all love him. Can I put my boss’s head on the body of the alien?
A: You cannot, BUT WE CAN. That’s a custom eBobble and we’d love to do that for you!! Shoot us an email with your request. Send us your boss’s head. Follow the directions for getting us the image.

Q: I’m a nurse. I want an eBobblehead for my home screen that has my head and the body of a nurse. Can you do that for me?
A: YES! The good news is that when our eBobble LLC app goes live, we’ll have bodies of different professionals. Then you can send us your head. In no time we’ll send you an eBobblehead of you as a nurse. You can show your nurse friends and make patients smile as they watch your head bobbling around. We hear that laughter promotes healing, so why not?

Q: Will you have a sound component or other components I can add to my fun eBobblehead?
A: YES! Thanks for asking. We will be releasing sounds and FX very soon. Stay tuned. Be sure to follow us so you can receive alerts the minute we release these additions.

Q: Will eBobbleheads be all that you offer?
A: Heavens no! While all apps we create will involve a live wallpaper component for your home screen, what we will release over the next few months has marketing potential and personal communication mechanisms like nothing you have seen before! We can’t wait, but we also can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet.

Q: What if I have a great idea about an eBobble and want you to create it for me? Can you do it?
A: YES! We live for this stuff. For example, we can create a special live wallpaper eBobblehead for your business, product(s) and/or services. We just need a quick chat with you to get the ball rolling. We can add marketing components, interactive elements and so much more that it might make your head spin if we list everything we can do for you here. Give us a call or shoot us an email. That’s your first step!

May these live wallpapers bring you laughter, joy and a whole lotta smiles!

If you have questions, click here.

Everybody loves bobbleheads.

Businesses use them to drive interest. Look at football and baseball games. Bobbleheads are given away by the tens of thousands at a single event. Companies create them for their leaders. Couples have them created to be wedding toppers. There is no end to their use when it comes to sharing a message out. What if you could have an eBobble virtual bobblehead to go with your own bobblehead? What if you gave customers ,clients and fans a chance to have your bobblehead in virtual form, eBobbling on the home screen of their phone?


We have eight different programs that you can use as an individual or business that either goes with a real bobblehead or stands on its own as a very clever marketing tool. What a great way to share your message, offer, event, whatever...

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