Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Your Daily Stop!

Check the Play Store often. New LIMITED EDITION eBobbleheads go live and then leave. Download them to your phone and they're yours forever. Wait and you can only get them through the eBobble APP paid library. Make it a daily stop!


Install these live wallpapers to your phone. Switch 'em out according to your mood. Each has something different to offer. All are great fun! Why have a naked phone when you can give it flare with eBobblehead live wallpapers? Installing is easy. They load to your live wallpaper archive that's already on your phone. That means you keep 'em forever... even after they're no longer available in the Play Store!

Scan this code to get our mascot, BONNEE BOBBLE! She's a whole lotta fun and wants to go with you everywhere as your LIVE Wallpaper!
Meet eBobble’s newest friend, Creepy Alien. He sports a tee-shirt from his recent trip down the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada! (He could sport your company’s tee instead.) As you can see, he stopped by the Little A “LE” INN. Don’t let him spook you. He comes in peace. If you’re nice and show him around to your family and friends, maybe he’ll take you for a ride in his cool spaceship! Scan the QR code to the left!
Finding Bigfoot fan? GREAT! At eBobble, LLC, we love Bigfoot, too. That’s why we created this fun cartoon Bigfoot LIVE wallpaper for your phone! Scan the code now. We've been "Squatchin" and found Sasquatch for you. We put this realistic-looking Squatch in LIVE wallpaper form for your phone. Scan the code now or go to Google Play Store and search under "ebobble."
  Scan this code and follow us! Text the word “ebobble” to 90407 to receive alerts for our newest eBobbles and offers. You'll want to collect them all, cuz what fun is it just to have one? Swap 'em out as often as you want.
  Get the B.O.S.S. LIVE WALLPAPER now. Feel disorganized? Need direction? Tired of killing snakes and putting out fires in your business? Having trouble embracing new technologies? You need help.
This is your first step. This fun virtual bobblehead is the guy in charge of showing you a new way to operate in your business, no matter what you do! Scan the code. Go to Google Play Store now.

Limited Edition eBobbles!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, meet e-Bobble's Gobble Bobble live wallpapers. These Limited-Time eBobbleheads will be available only through the middle of December. Then they'll be gone.

Get one or all of eBobble's LIMITED TIME-ONLY Gobble Bobble(TM) live wallpaper line up. Choose from Tofu Turkey, Pilgrim Patty and Pilgrim Pete, Native Nadine and Native Ned and the really cool Colorful Corn'u'copia.
Tofu Turkey Pilgrim Patty  Pilgrim Pete Native Nadine Native Ned

Tofu Turkey

Pilgrim Patti

Pilgrim Pete

Native Nadine

Native Ned

Colorful Corn'u'copia


Everybody loves bobbleheads.

Businesses use them to drive interest. Look at football and baseball games. Bobbleheads are given away by the tens of thousands at a single event. Companies create them for their leaders. Couples have them created to be wedding toppers. There is no end to their use when it comes to sharing a message out. What if you could have an eBobble virtual bobblehead to go with your own bobblehead? What if you gave customers ,clients and fans a chance to have your bobblehead in virtual form, eBobbling on the home screen of their phone?


We have eight different programs that you can use as an individual or business that either goes with a real bobblehead or stands on its own as a very clever marketing tool. What a great way to share your message, offer, event, whatever...

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